14ο Athens Digital Arts Festival | Singularity Now

*/ 14ο Athens Digital Arts Festival | Singularity Now

Tales from the event horizon

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), the Greek representative in the international digital arts scene, invites tou at its 14th edition that will take place from 24 to 27 of May, at Megaron - The Athens Consert Hall. Moreover, ADAF 2018 organizes parallel activities at public spaces, such as Syntagma Square and the International Airport of Athens “ El. Venizelos”.


Would you dance with an exoskeleton? Would you meditate through social media? Would you travel to other universes? 

Under the thematic, Singularity Now, ADAF 2018 explores the unknown future of the upcoming Technological Apocalypse through art, science and technology. More than 300 artists from 50 countries will present their artworks and they will take us to a magic trip at the exciting world of space and technology.

To see the full program of ADAF 2018 click here: ADAF 2018 | Exhibition Program

* / ADAF 2018 | Performances

ADAF 2018 will present a program of audiovisual performances by internationally renowned artists, offering a unique interactive audio and visual experience.


** The number of seats for the performances is limited, therefore visitors will be served with tickets precedence.

*/ ADAF 2018 | Performances

Το ADAF 2018 θα παρουσιάσει ένα πλούσιο πρόγραμμα οπτικοακουστικών περφόρμανς από καλλιτέχνες διεθνούς φήμης, προσφέροντας μια μοναδική διαδραστική εμπειρία ήχου και εικόνας.

Τsoclis, Eμείς, 2018 | Κostas Τsoclis (GR)
24 - 25 - 26 -27 Μαΐου | 19:00 - 20:00 | MC 3.5


The internationally renoewed greek artist, Kostas Tsoclis, will present at ADAF the exclusive performance, “Tsoclis, We”, 2018. Refering to the performance, he mentions: “With this work, I do not claim that I propose a new vocabulary, but, with already known words, I write another poem, the beauty and diachronicity of which, I can not predict.




Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows | Pandelis Diamadides (NL/CY)

24 May | 21:00-21:35 | Mitropoulos Theater


A digital granary of processed instrumental and electronic sounds, field recordings, rock formations, plants, animals and swarms unfolds a narrative of becoming. The prime material of the work consists of deconstructed human voices, physical instruments and field recordings dissolved in an imagery of photographs, videos and processed visual material collected around the Troodos mountain range on the island of Cyprus..


Dökk | fuse* (IT)
24 May | 22:00-22:45 | Mitropoulos Theater


Dökk is about a journey throughout a sequence of digital landscapes where the perception of space and time is altered. Dökk's scenography is designed for delivering a sense of deep interdependence between the protagonist and the world surrounding her. In order to represent this concept, a system has been created which processes real-time data from biometric and movement sensors as well as data coming from social networks. These data, together with the performer's biometric data, make the performance different every time it is staged.


Interférences | Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (CA)
25 May | 21:00-21:20 | Mitropoulos Theater


Interference (String Network) is an audiovisual performance that explores the possibilities of embodiment of an electroacoustic work in real time through gestural interaction with a unique audiovisual device. On stage, an audioreactive play of light unfolds gradually: Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (CA) builds a network of strings with which he interacts to create a sound universe between the industrial noise, electronica and acousmatic music. Through the staging of corporality and the dialectical relationship between the human and the machine, Interférences (String Network) presents an allegory of the globalized and interconnected modern world in which the individual seeks to derive meaning from his experience and attempts to preserve its freedom of action.


Hakanaï | Andrien M & Claire B (FR)
25 May | 22:00-22:40 | Mitropoulos Theater


Hakanaï is a solo choreographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion. It encompasses two elements: that concerning the human being as well as that related to dreams. This symbolic relationship is the foundation of the dance composition in which a dancer gives life to a space somewhere between the borders of imagination and reality, through her interactions with the images she encounters. The images are on-stage animations that move in physical patterns according to the rhythm of the live sounds that they follow. The performance's outcome is the revelation of a digital installation to its audience.


Hertzian Field #2 | Stelios Manousakis (GR/NL)
26 May | 21:00-21:25 | Banquet Theater

Hertzian Field #2 is an augmented reality immersive sound and movement solo performance, revealing the invisible flows of wireless communication and their interaction with the human body. It uses a new sensing technique developed by the artist, inspired by obscure surveillance research and radio astronomy. The system creates sound by analyzing the interference of the body in the electromagnetic fields of WiFi networks.....


26 May | 21:00-21:23 | Mitropoulos Theater


Capillaries Capillaries is an audiovisual composition based on a non-hierarchical and bi-directional relationship between sound and image in real-time. The work explores the idea of an audio-visual-time object where shape, time and sound interact with one another. The main focus of the piece are the structures that emerge from the force field that pulls such object towards two opposite extremes - tidy precomposed order or generative chaos. The situation reflects the id-ego-superego model which represents the conceptual background.


Force Field | Dmitry Gelfand, Evelina Domnitch (RU/BY/NL)
26 May | 22:00-22:30 | Mitropoulos Theater


Since the 1970s and 80s acoustic levitation techniques have primarily been applied by NASA and ESA to trap and navigate otherwise uncontrollable samples in microgravity.  However, in the last two decades the same methods have also been used as a powerful means of containerless manipulation on Earth. In Force Field, acoustically levitated water droplets resonate, vaporise and reassemble into spheroids, toroids and oscillating polygons while spinning nearly devoid of shear. The performance simultaneously taps into the 3-dimensionality of sound, the elusive physicality of water, as well as the rotational dynamics of celestial and subatomic bodies.



LOAD / UNPLUG | Pell Ensemble (UK)
26 May | 22:00-22:45 | Mitropoulos Theater


Do you use a mobile phone or computer every day? How much personal data do you give away each day to navigate your digital life? Could you unplug, even if you wanted to? Digital dance company Pell Ensemble invites you into the world of EPOQ: A live gaming experience where your choices become data, uploaded to shape a new human being. On entering the space you will meet David, ready to be brought to life by your data. From the safety of your seat and through a custom built app on a mobile device, your every tap, swipe and swirl will inform who David becomes. Through your input David experiences the joy, fear and complexity of being human. But at what cost – will your data be put to good use? And what happens to it once the experience is over?

Upload or unplug – it’s your choice.





MINDSCAPES | Claudia Robles Angel (CO/DE)
27 May | 21:00-21:20 | Mitropoulos Theater


MINDSCAPE is an interactive performance, in which the artist interacts with a light structure made by electroluminescent wires (EL) and sound using an EEG (Electroencephalogram) interface, which measures her brain waves in order to create the audiovisual environment. The EL cables glare when applied to an alternating current (AC). Hence, once the AC has been activated, the data of the performer's brain waves from the EEG interface is utilised in order to turn on/off different cables and in different tempos. The sound of the work consists of a surround soundscape which changes depending on the information coming from the EEG.



Shiro | NONOTAK (JP/FR) 
27 May | 22:00-22:40 | Banquet Theater


'Shiro' is an onstage configuration that delineates and contributes to the volume of space, in which geometric lines and figures will be projected, distorting the profiles of both creators. Some of the projections are so dense they disappear from view; others so light that they appear to pop out. Following the success of 'Late Speculation', it uses similar mapping techniques and material with 2 large frames in an X format, 4 high power projects plus sound and visual modulated on the fly so no two performances are the same.






Duration: 24 - 27 May 2018
Main Venue: 
Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

Parallel Activities: Syntagma Metro Station, Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

www.adaf.gr | #ADAF2018 #SingularityNow

IN COOPERATION: Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

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  • ADAF 2018 | Exhibition 4 Day Ticket - Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall
  • Τsoclis, Eμείς, 2018 | Κostas Τsoclis (GR) -
  • Seismic Percussion performance & Earthbeat talk | Moon Ribas -
  • Approximation Theory Talk | Felipe Cucker, Hector Rodriguez - Megaron -
  • Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows | Pandelis Diamadides (NL/CY) -
  • Dökk | fuse* (IT) -
  • Πολιτιστική κληρονομιά και σύγχρονη καλλιτεχνική δημιουργία | Γιάννης Κρανιδιώτης (Cultural heritag - Megaron -
  • Interférences | Alexis Langevin-Tétrault (CA) -
  • Φανταστική Επιστήμη | Science Reactors (Imaginary Science | Science Reactors) -
  • Hakanaï | Andrien M & Claire B (FR) -
  • Fluid Bodies: from the Celestial to the Subatomic | Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Efstratios Theodosiou -
  • Hertzian Field #2 | Στέλιος Μανουσάκης (GR/NL) - Megaron
  • Force Field | Dmitry Gelfand, Evelina Domnitch (RU/BY/NL) -
  • UPLOAD UNPLUG | Pell Ensemble (UK) -
  • How can we all make it to the future? | SPEKTRUM - Megaron -
  • MINDSCAPES | Claudia Robles Angel (CO/DE) -
  • Shiro | NONOTAK (JP/FR) - Megaron
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