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We do not know if Dublin is the (new) Mecca of the (pop) stage scene. In addition, the story is now beginning to be written for many of the Irish bands. What, however, we know for certain is that -more- in Athens we are given the opportunity to drip on the paper the first inks.

We live at a time when the aggression accompanied by aggressive determinations, such as post-pac, arts-pac, brutal-pac, tends to become the ultimate expression of the new, restless generation. For the newly formed Murder Capital, the above finding is captured by their brutal sound and their quaint lyrics, where the dynamics of James McGovern's voice make the raw look beautiful. As characteristically stated in the Guardian "I like brutalism because it's not trying to be beautiful".

Murder Capital, for the time being, has not released enough material, but in January they released their first single "Feeling Fades", producer Flood (Pj Harvey, Depeche Mode, Foals), climbing first in the vinyl single charts of England surpassing legendary New Order and Chemical Brothers. Last year they made their debut with a live recording of "More is Less", which was uploaded to youtube platform, making enough noise in the Dublin neighborhoods, and somehow they went out on the road for a tour. Recently, they released a new single-leap from Flood, titled "Green & Blue," where McGovern's vocal vocals bring to mind Ian Curtis from the ashes of a black and white past. At a slower tempo this time, but without losing track of their dynamics and as they themselves would add their "brutal" atmosphere.

Their new year found them touring in many European cities where they shared the scene with Idles, Slaves, Shame and their friends (and our friends ..) Fontaines DC. sold-out, especially in England and Dublin, playing in front of 400 people. What characterizes the five-member crew from Dublin, attracting many to attend their concerts, although they have not released enough material, is their explosive presence on stage where, according to larger sites and magazines such as NME and Guardian, Murder Capital with the most flattering adjectives that can be given to a punk-punk band and that their live is one that's worth seeing even once in your life.

Their album is expected to end August, an album we are looking forward to, as they committed to play it live for the first time in Greece and Athens on Thursday September 25 at Death Disco.

"The Murder Capital’s bolshy, violent sounding post-punk would make a fitting soundtrack to a city ten times more dangerous than the Irish capital."  NME

“They simmer with menace while weaving around each other on the tiny stages their pawing intensity has long outgrown.” The Guardian

“Ireland’s best new rock band”  The Irish Times

“There is a story that emanates through The Murder Capital’s biting voice. It’s caustic punk with widescreen ambition; music that sounds and feels like where it came from." Loud & Quiet

More TBA to be announced...

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