Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt live in Thessaloniki
Wednesday 26th of June 2019
Theatro Gis

The world of world / ethnic / folk music, has quite a few excellent artists. Without any doubt, though, Canadian artist, Loreena McKennitt is by far the most beloved one by the Greek audience. She is an artist that has sold tens of millions of her albums throughout the world and almost all their records have gained gold or even platinum status in many countries, including Greece.

Multitalented, Loreena plays harp, piano, accordion, she’s a high standard composer, she produces her own albums, owns her record label, Quinlan Road, but most of all, she has a magical, almost mesmerizing voice. From her debut, “Elemental”, which was released in 1985, she “floods” our speakers with her high class world/ethnic music, that has many references to Celtic and Mediterranean tradition. Especially, the time between 1991 and 1997, where she released her most successful albums, “The visit”, “The mask and mirror” and “The book of secrets”, has given us some timeless melodies like those of “La serenissima”, “The mummer’s dance”, “The mystic’s dream”, “Dante’s prayer”, “Marco Polo”, “Tango to Evora”… Songs that make your soul travel, songs that create feelings. Real art.

Her music can be heard in many series and movies and she has even wrote the soundtrack of movies like “Highlander III” and Disney’s “Tinker bell”. Her relationship to Greece is perfect. It’s characteristic, that apart from the gold status that some of her albums have achieved (and there not many foreign artists that have done something like that), she not only uses Greek traditional instruments since a few years now, but she also has Greek musicians that play with her on the albums and the live performances. In 2009, Loreena McKennitt, released “A Mediterranean Odyssey”, a double live album, whose first CD is named “From Istanbul to Athens” and contains live recordings from her Mediterranean tour and of course her visit to Greece, 10 years ago… Apart from that, one must not forget that famous Greek singer, Haris Alexiou, has made one of her biggest hits covering “Tango to Evora” as “To tango tis Nefelis”. Another Greek artist, Kalliopi Vetta, has covered “Marrakesh night market” as well. But most of all, it’s the love that the Greek audience shows to Loreena McKennitt, as her music touches people emotionally, regardless of the kind of music one prefers to listen to and this is the biggest success an artist can have.

Loreena McKennitt, has also received Juno Awards (an equivalent of Grammy for Canada) for two of her albums and a Billboard International Achievement Award. Apart from those, she was honored –amongst others- as Member of the Order of Manitoba and Canada, as Honorary Doctor of Laws, Honorary Doctor of Applied Business, as a Knight of the National Order of Arts and Letters… Most important, however, is her charity action. She has offered a significant amount of her album sales to Greek Red Cross to help people who lost their homes during earthquakes and she has done the same thing to Turkey… She has founded the Cook-Rees Memorial Fund for water search and safety (having suffered herself the loss of her husband in a boating accident) gathering 4,000,000 dollars, she has also founded a charitable institution which finances cultural and environmental groups, she has bought a school in Stratford where she houses families and provides facilitation in volunteering and non-profit groups.

A few months ago, she released her new album, “Lost souls”, the first with original music since 2006 and “An ancient muse”!!! Loreena has once again worked with Greek musicians for the recordings of her album, Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyre), Panos Dimitrakopoulos (kanoun) as well as Haig Yazdjian (oud), who might be of Armenian origin but lives in Greece for many years. This album is an eclectic mix of pop, folk and world music and McKennitt will visit Greece for its promotion as part of her European tour.

Loreena McKennitt, is much more than an artist. Much more than a singer or composer. Every show is a life experience, with the rare traditional instruments she uses and the scents of Celtic and Middle-Eastern music elements create an experience that every music lover should attend.

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