Ancient Gods and Heroes - Legends and Myths in Athenian Mythology / LIVE STREAMING

Ancient Athens is famous for its contribution to the fields of politics, architecture, art, theater and literature.

However, a less known but equally significant feature of the city’s culture was its rich mythological tradition.

A multitude of stories and tales described the heroic past of the city, the origins of its religious and political institutions and, most importantly, the character and mentality of the Athenians themselves.

In this online tour, we will describe those myths as they were perceived by ancient Athenians. We will stand on the spot were Athena and Poseidon competed for the honor of being the patrons of the city. We will learn why one of the hills of Athens stands in its present spot. We will follow the hero Theseus in his quests all over Greece. We will learn about the adventures of the princesses of Athens. We will attend the first formal trial among the gods. And, finally, we will uncover the true origins of the Myth of Atlantis.

Note : Conducted in English narration

Images :

  1. The Dispute of Minerva and Neptune by René-Antoine Houasse (circa 1689 or 1706)
  2. The deeds of Theseus, on an Attic red-figured kylix, c. 440–430 BCE (British Museum)

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Event will be conducted in English narration. Link of the event will be emailed to you and will broadcast via ZOOM platform.

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Aristotle Koskinas

Archaeologist- Greek Tourist Guide

Aristotle Koskinas studied classical archeology at the University of Ioannina. He has worked at the Ministry of Culture as an archaeologist and has participated in excavations and surface research in Thrace, the Peloponnese and Epirus. He is currently studying material from the excavations of the University of Thessaly in ancient Sikyona. Since 2003, working as a tour guide, he has planned tours on the military history of Greece for both University groups from abroad and Greek groups. He has collaborated with the American author Christian Cameron as an archaeological consultant for the book "The New Achilles" and has written the historical note for the book "The Rage Of Ares" on the battle of Plataea. Since 2016 he has been involved in the historical revival focusing on the period of the Persian Wars and is a member of the group "The Plataians", based in Canada.



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