Season 2018-2019

Eugene O’Neill


Direction: Marilita Lampropoulou


Limited season:  From October 8th till November 6th for 10 performances only


  “There 's  nothing. Nothing at all. Except a great miracle they'd never believe, or you either.”



After the Chess Story by Stefan Zweig, PoreiaTheatre, collaborates once again with Marilita Lampropoulou and  Zero Gravity theater group, to present A Moon for the Misbegotten (1943) by Eugene O’Neill as of October 8th 2018, joining forces with the Aktis –Modern Times Theatre Company.

The play is the swan song of the great American playwright Eugene O'Neil (Nobel laureate and four-time Pulitzer Prize winner). It will be presented in Greece twenty years after its last staging, in  a modern translation and a new approach. Full of autobiographical content, it is O’Neill’s  personal account of his troubled family life, a sequel to his masterpiece Long Day’s Journey into Night. With the characters’ intense  relationships at its core, the performance attempts to open a new imaginary space through O’Neill’s realism. In A Moon For The Misbegotten, a day of comedy and a night of tragedy become a cheerful purgatory as well as a bitter paradise.

In a forgotten place, three characters are confronted with their desires and their inadequacies. Jim Tyrone, an alcoholic actor, accustomed to the life of Broadway and the nightly binges in New York, finds himself in a remote province, in an estate that will soon become his. There, he meets Josie Hogan, a young woman who is totally different from the girls he is used to spend time with. She sees in him the nobility and  the endearing qualities that he doesn’t recognise in himself. Josie’s father, Phil Hogan, a poor immigrant, hopes there can be a marriage between them, which would get his daughter and himself out of poverty and debt. He comes up with elaborate plans to bring them together.

However, their differences, their illusions and the demons which haunt them both, will rise like unbeatable hurdles to their union.  The moonlight will shine on the past and will reveal the characters' true selves. With dawn comes an unexpected catharsis.  Is there room for a miracle? A play about addiction, lies and guilt.


First performance: Monday October 8th 2018, Poreia Theatre

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Translation: Theodore Tsapakidis & Ismini Fragkioudaki

Direction: Marilita Lampropoulou

Set & Costumes: Niki Psychogiou

Music: Kostas Gakis & Kostas Lolos

Lighting: Sakis Birbilis

Assistant Director:  Elpida Topaloglou

Photos and trailer: Vasia Anagnostopoulou



Josie Hogan: Ioanna Pappa

Phil Hogan: Yiannis Ntalianis

Jim Tyrone: George Triantafyllidis

Stedman Harder: IoKo – Ioannis Kotidis

Mike Hogan: Ntinos Gkelameris


ΔΟΛΙΧΟΣ - Θέατρο Πορεία www.poreiatheatre.com

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