United against populism, with the people of Athens

A play written and performed by French writer and philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy for a theatrical tour of 20 European cities from March to May 2019.

Looking for Europe is the internal monologue of an intellectual holed up in a hotel room in Sarajevo with 90 minutes to compose an important speech about Europe.

Should he begin with Greek mythology? With German philosophy? Or with how Europe has grappled with totalitarian tyranny and misery over the past century?

Unfortunately, all that comes to mind are desolate images of an old continent beset by waves of nationalism, racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism unprecedented since the 1930s. The gilets jaunes ("Yellow Vests")... The alliance of right and left-wing demagogues in Italy... The emergence of illiberal dictatorships in central Europe...

He is about concede failure when, in a poetic and spectacular turn of eventsthe ghosts of Dante, Goethe, and Vaclav Havel return to suggest a way out of the maze of populism and to assure him that the worst is not a foregone conclusion…

An ode to Europe and an attempt to resurrect the spirit of Spinoza, of the novelists of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, of Lech Walesa and Picasso, Looking for Europe is a traveling performance that calls for democratic resistance and a revival of hope in the weeks preceding the European elections of May 2019.

Up to the very last minute, in good Elizabethan style, the text of Looking for Europe will be rewritten and adapted to respond to the political situation and current events in each of the 20 cities in which it is presented. As an interactive experience, members of the public will be invited to post questions to lookingforeurope.eu before each performance and then watch Bernard-Henri Lévy integrate and respond to those questions in his on-stage stream of consciousness.

The play will be performed in French with electronic subtitling in the language of the host country or English without subtitles. The run-time is 90 minutes.

Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy is the author of forty books, including The Empire and the Five KingsBarbarism with a Human Face and Who Killed Daniel Pearl? His documentaries include PeshmergaThe Oath of Tobruk, and Bosna!

Committed from his youth to the struggle against totalitarianism, and today to the fight against the criminal alliance of Trump and Putin, Lévy offers this play as a distillation of his personal experience.

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Bernard-Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, writer, activist and filmmaker.
Often referred to in France simply as BHL, he was one of the leaders of the
«Nouveaux Philosophes» (New Philosophers) movement in 1976.
He is the author of over thirty books including The Empire and the Five
Kings; The Genius of Judaism; Left in Dark Times: A Stand Against the
New Barbarism; American Vertigo; Barbarism with a Human Face; War,
Evil and the end of History; and Who Killed Daniel Pearl?.
His documentaries include Peshmerga, The Battle of Mosul, The Oath
of Tobruk and Bosna!; most of them have been selected in the Cannes
Film Festival.
His writing has appeared in a wide range of publications throughout
Europe and the United States including Le Point (France), La Stampa
(Italy), El Español (Spain), Die Welt (Germany) and various outlets in
the US (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair,
CNN, Foreign Policy, Project Syndicate, Daily Beast and others.)
He is co-founder of the antiracist group SOS Racisme and has served
on diplomatic missions for the French government.
In February 2014, the philosopher was in Kiev during the Maïdan
Revolution, actively promoting the pro-European events. In February
2015, he performed his play Hotel Europa at the Kiev opera house on
the first anniversary of the Euromaidan’s toppling of the pro-Russian
government of Victor Yanukovich and in various other cities (London,
Spoleto, Odessa, Lviv, New York...)
The rise of populism which promises to assault the campaign of the
European elections in 2019 convinced Bernard-Henri Lévy to set out on
the road again with a new play : Looking for Europe.



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  • LOOKING FOR EUROPE - Θέατρο Παλλάς

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LOOKING FOR EUROPE Θέατρο Παλλάς - Αθήνα, Αττική
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